Health and environmental protection 

Health and environmental protection is the most important indicator of the choice of solid wood furniture, natural, environmental protection, health, solid wood furniture to reveal the beauty of nature and the original. Solid wood furniture is long, from the color analysis, it is the natural wood color. Log color furniture is both natural and no chemical pollution, this is indeed a healthy fashion choice, in line with the modern city advocate of the psychological needs of nature. Advantages of solid wood furniture. 

Long service life

The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. Solid wood furniture service life is more than 5 times the plate furniture. Solid wood furniture for the preservation of the furniture, providing a more broad market. Solid wood furniture is hedging function, also can bring a warm wood gas to the home environment ", so popular in the high-end consumers. Its advantages are reflected in nature: the natural texture, changing shape, the furniture surface generally can see the wood beautiful pattern.

Good service 

In order to provide services in line with our brand image, we have the responsibility to provide the highest quality after-sales service, so it is one of the important standards of the company's mark. For the company, which means every piece of furniture will always get the maintenance and attention, so as to ensure the performance pay more reliable, from generation to generation.

Solid and durable 

Solid wood furniture, solid and durable, the general life of plate furniture is 3, 4 years, and the service life of solid wood furniture is at least more than 6 times of panel furniture, if it is a good point of solid wood furniture, the Mao tenon structure production is enduring! Advantages of solid wood furniture.

Value preservation and appreciation
Solid wood furniture generally has the value of preservation, if the material is good, well produced, there is a lot of room for appreciation.  

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